AJ Fernandez – Creating a Masterpiece

I recently attended an AJ Fernandez (AJF) event at a local cigar shop. The event was full of aficionados, fine liquor, and an exquisite variety of cigars. With the cigar aroma filling the air, the AJF representative gave a brief history of the company and an overview of the cigars on display. Her enthusiasm about being part of this company, along with the enjoyment of the products, prompted me to dig a little deeper and research the history and techniques used by AJF.


During my research, I came across two videos posted by AJ Fernandez. They explain the company history, show how the cigars were created, and the techniques used to provide quality smokes. The videos are quite interesting, and they seem to bring you to a better place while enjoying a cigar.


Grab your favorite AJ and take a look at how this company and the cigars came to be such a big part of the cigar industry.


AJ Fernandez Part 1



AJ Fernandez Part 2



 Also, be sure to visit them online:



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