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Cigars are an amazing art-form, and the paintings they inspire are often magnificent. Alberto Godoy, a Cuban born artist, has combined the two art-forms of paint and cigars to create some of the world’s most unique masterpieces. Godoy’s work caught our attention with his unique style and his sui generis perspective.

Born in 1960 in Habana Cuba, Alberto Godoy is one of Houston’s most exciting and promising Cuban artists; his paintings reflect the fusion of cultural, aesthetic, and historical values important to his life. His art is born from the heart of all culture for its reflection of people and their unique way of life.  It is a take on people from everywhere, an affirmation of the influence of America and multiculturalism and his strong connection to the Cuban tradition. The eloquence of color that is always allied to form and volume are the attributes that help Godoy achieve a forceful visual impact, and his ability to combine the elements of time, memory, imagination and the international language of humor work to convey his personal code of signs.

The Match - Copy

The cigar lifestyle is full of history, culture, and art. Alberto Godoy aims to add to the rich nature of that lifestyle with his art. His pieces create conversations, interesting atmospheres, and they enhance the overall mood of art lovers and cigar smokers alike.


Godoy actively creates original artwork in his Houston, Texas gallery. To contact Alberto Godoy or to view more of his work please visit his website (, or visit his art gallery in Houston, Texas.

The Cave man 1


*Artwork and Biography Courtesy of Alberto Godoy

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