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Back in 2000, Battleground Cigars was founded in Hazardville, Connecticut by Michael Tarnowicz. Battleground Cigars is a boutique cigar company that has love and dedication to their home state of Connecticut and a huge passion for U.S. History.

Tarnowicz opened his shop, the Connecticut Valley Tobacconist, in an old pharmacy in 1996.  The second floor of the pharmacy had previously been a cigar smoking room for the Hazardville Fire Department.  When Tarnowicz hung a Springfield musket in the shop, a patron donated a framed photograph of General Robert E. Lee.  Hereafter, the store’s Civil War theme began, along with the creation of Battleground Cigars.


Battleground Cigars has named each of their cigars to honor the Civil War.  They include a North and South series, which are named after leaders of the Civil War.  Their cigar line also includes The Widow’s Son, Old Powder Keg, Mysterioso, Lincoln Bourbon, amongst others.

Cited from “We are an honest family owned business, wanting to create an authentic CT cigar leaf and premium filler cigar.  Our theme is simple, our countries US Civil War history and CT tobacco history, combined to create a unique boutique cigar that we know will be up to premium standards.  We are a small company, but we are growing and evolving so that we may bring you a different smoking experience from the norm.  We bring everything from traditional CT Shade and Broadleaf wrapper to Coroji Maduro, Brazilian, and Nicaraguan wrapper, to the very different Bourbon and Irish Whiskey infused and Louisiana perique blended premium cigars.  We are humble, we are honest, we are American, we are BATTLEGROUND CIGAR.”


Battleground Cigars has a great selection of cigars.  The one that intrigued us most is the Lincoln Bourbon Barrel-Aged.

Battleground Cigars has crafted and perfected a very unique cigar, the Lincoln Bourbon.  The Lincoln Bourbon has a very dark Bourbon Barrel-Aged Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper and a pleasantly sweet and oaky aroma that is nothing short of amazing.  The tobacco is slowly air-cured for three months in wood sheds.  The leaves are then placed in bundles which endure a natural sweat for no less than one year. The leaves receive a second six week sweat at around 140 degrees.  The process is then repeated in wood cases for an additional six months.  After the cigars have been rolled they are placed in oak and maple bourbon barrels to age, thus providing a spicy and sweet finish.  This is a very unique and costly process that brings an overall complex and satisfying flavor to your palate.  Definitely well worth it, and we highly recommend.  You will not be disappointed.


The Lincoln Bourbon Barrel-Aged is definitely one of our favorite cigars.  Upon inspection, profile, and overall enjoyment, Thick Ash Cigar Magazine gives the Lincoln Bourbon Barrel-Aged a rating of 93.

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