Best Places To Smoke In New Orleans

Smoke is about to fill the air in the Big Easy, and the IPCPR trade show is quickly approaching. Whether you are going to the trade show, or you are just planning a vacation to New Orleans, you might want to relax with a great cigar. We have frequented many shops in the Crescent City, and we have compiled a list of the best places to smoke in New Orleans.

La Habana Hemingway

La Habana Hemingway is a great place to sit back, grab a drink, and relax with a cigar. The cigar selection is very limited, but they have some great premiums and a good house blend. What sold us on this place was the lounge area. The lounge area is very spacious, furnished with comfortable seating, has a full bar with a great selection of scotch and whisky, and the staff provides excellent customer service. La Habana Hemingway provides a great smoking experience.

Crescent City Cigar Shop

Crescent City provides a great atmosphere, helpful service, and a walk-in humidor full of excellent cigars. You will find a lot of familiar premium cigars in the humidor, and you will also find a lot of boutique cigars. Crescent City has an excellent selection, good prices, and best of all a comfortable area to sit and enjoy a smoke.

Dos Jefes

Dos Jefes is a great cigar bar for those looking to experience New Orleans. They provide live music, premium cigars, a great selection at the bar, and even have a patio for those who want to enjoy the night air. Most nights there is a food truck parked outside, and it is usually loaded with great local cuisine. Dos Jefes provides a local feel with local entertainment, great cigars, and a fun cigar smoking atmosphere.

Cigar Factory New Orleans

The Cigar Factory New Orleans is a unique place. You walk-in and immediately notice cigar rollers hard at work preparing cigars. According to the staff, they age the basic house blends for a minimum of 6 weeks before they are put up for sale. They only sell their house blend, but it is a pretty great smoke. There is a small seating area where you can relax, smoke a cigar, and watch the tobacco rollers work their magic. The Cigar Factory New Orleans is a unique experience, and you will not find another shop like it in the Big Easy.

New Orleans has a lot to offer, and a lot of great cigar shops. We hope you get to enjoy some of these on your next visit to the Big Easy. Cheers!


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