Black Label Trading Company Deliverance Nocturne Salomon “Snub Nose” – Cigar Review

Deliverance Nocturne By Black Label Trading Company

The Black Label Trading Company has added a new cigar blend to their Deliverance line of cigars called the Deliverance Nocturne. The Deliverance line was presented in 2014 in small batch quantities throughout last year. This year, the Deliverance Nocturne has been introduced at the 2015 IPCPR Trade Show in New Orleans, LA. The Deliverance Nocturne will also be distributed in small batch quantities. It is a very unique and special blend in more than one aspect; not just for the company, but for the fans and consumers of Black Label Trading Company cigars as well. First, it has a unique Salomon shape to it in two different sizes. Something the Black Label Trading Company has never done before. It’s a very time-consuming cigar to roll and takes expertise to get it perfect. Secondly, this cigar uses a tobacco blend that BLTC (Black Label Trading Company) has never used before.

The Deliverance Nocturne comes in two different sizes: The Salomon (6 1/4 x 36 x 56) and the Short Salomon (4 3/4 x 40 x 56.) The Salomon shape of the cigar appears to be similar to the shape of a baseball bat in that it starts with a slender cap (36 ring gauge; Short Salomon is 40 ring gauge) and grows thicker towards the foot (to a 56 ring gauge.) Another interesting facet is that the cigar has a blunt foot that is tapered about a half an inch from the footer that has an open end, which is why BLTC has chosen to call it a “Snub Nose.”

Black Label Trading Company has moved into its new facility at Fabrica Oveja Negra, in Esteli, Nicaragua, where they’ve moved much of their production lines, including the Deliverance Nocturne, into the new factory.

This new and idiosyncratic blend consists of tobacco leaves from Pennsylvania and Nicaragua. The wrapper is a Pennsylvania Broadleaf with the binder being a Nicaraguan Habano leaving the fillers as Nicaraguan and Pennsylvanian leaves.

James Brown, the founder of Black Label Trading Company, is quoted as saying “Nocturne is a very special cigar. Everything about this line is different for us. The vitolas, the blend style and the wrapper are things we have never done before. I have been working with Pennsylvania tobacco for a while and love its strength and richness. The Pennsylvania tobacco really elevates this cigar to the next level. I wanted something totally different for the vitolas, so we created our own, a slender Salomon with a blunt foot, or what we call a “Snub Nose”. This makes Nocturne a very time-consuming cigar to make but these vitolas work perfectly with the blend.”

The Salomon can be purchased for $12/stick and come in boxes of 12. The Short Salomon can be purchased for $10/stick and come in boxes of 18.

The Review

The Deliverance Nocturne appears to be constructed very well. There is no loose tobacco coming from the foot and no apparent flaws. It is a very veiny cigar with large veins running from the cap to the foot. The veins in the tobacco leaves can be easily seen all around the stick. The cap on this cigar appears to have been quadruple rolled tobacco. The band is all black and white coloring with the background being black. It features a white skeleton facing to the left in a praying position with the skull looking up. Above the skeleton is a 5-pointed crown. On either side of the skeleton is intricate artwork. Below the skeleton is the word “Deliverance” in black outlined by a white forefront encircling the identifying name. Below “Deliverance” are the words “Black Label Trading Co.” in white lettering outlined in black. Above and below “Black Label Trading Co.” is a thin white line going around the band. The feel of the cigar is slightly like leather between the veins, but mostly the veins are felt in detail.

The pre-light aroma coming from the tobacco is leather and earth. Once the cap is cut with a straight cut, the dry draw is of sweet tobacco and floral notes. This pre-light draw felt slightly tight, but let’s see how that goes on the post light experience.

Upon the toast and light of the Deliverance Nocturne there are immediate floral notes with dry fruit and a bit of chocolate in the mix. The post light draw is still slightly tight, but I think that has to do with pulling the nicotine and flavors from a fatter foot into a slender cap. It’s do-able. About a half an inch in, I’m beginning to pick up a bit of a peppery taste into this concoction of flavors. As it burns halfway through the first third the chocolate is replaced by a creamy vanilla flavor. The floral and fruit notes are leading with the slight pepper still in the mix. As this initial third draws to an end the peppery taste is almost gone. The burn is a little uneven and it’s still tight on the draw. The burn time for this first portion of the cigar is 40 minutes.

Going into the second third, the uneven burn seems to begin to level itself out without any assistance from me. The creamy vanilla is taking over the fruity flavors, but the floral is still there. The pepper has now dissipated from the profile. The ash is a nice strong white ash with some grayness towards the foot. It seems to help with the tight draw if I bite down on the cap slightly as I draw from it. The ash finally lost its battle with gravity about half an inch into the second piece of this unique cigar. Moving through the medial point of the Deliverance Nocturne the creamy vanilla has turned to a sweet cream and the floral flavors are coming in second. The burn has evened itself out, but still a little jagged. The second ash is burning a nice white hue which fell just before the end of the second third. The draw is becoming easier as the cigar burns closer to the thinner and final third. The burn time for the second part of this stick is also 40 minutes.

The burn at the beginning of the last third is dead even and it finally has a nice almost effortless draw to it. The flavors are still floral and sweet cream. I’d say this cigar has been a medium to full body smoke with a distinct flavor profile. Almost to the midway point of the final third of the cigar, chocolate has shown up again replacing the sweet cream, but more prominent this time. It’s moved to a full-bodied cigar at this point halfway through the third piece of this stick. The third ash is burning more of a grayish color now and still remains an even burn. It had fallen about an inch away from the end of the cigar. The main flavors towards the end are chocolate and floral notes with a little pepper in the back of the throat. At the very end, just before I put the cigar down, the chocolate turned to a chocolate malt flavor with some floral notes still there. The burn time for this third was another 40 minutes.

This was a nice cigar with lots of flavor. The big drawback is the tight draw most of the way through. It took a lot of effort to smoke this stick. The flavors I got from this is floral, fruit, chocolate, sweet vanilla, sweet cream, and chocolate malt. I would not recommend this stick to a novice cigar smoker. It was a pretty full-bodied smoke towards the end. It took me a total of 2 hours to smoke this stick nearly to my fingers. The Deliverance Nocturne hit retailer shelves on September 19th of this year. If you’re a fan of full-bodied cigars then you’ll enjoy this greatly. Till next time my friends.

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