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Catelli Cigar Company, LLC

The Catelli Cigar Company opened its doors in 2012 on the East Coast of Florida with high hopes of success in cigars and accessories. The company owners, Michael Catalano and Kathy Pickering, put in hard work building the walk-in humidor with their own hands as well as the many smaller humidors they offer for sale. Catelli Cigars prides themselves on workmanship, and they strive for perfection with every detail.

Michael is an artist with a keen eye for detail. He designed and created his own artwork that is available on several accessories such as humidors, ashtrays, and apparel. Some of the names he has chosen for his artwork also represent the size of his cigars:

The Girl Next Door is a 5 X 50 Robusto
The Supermodel is a 6 7/8 X 50 Churchill
The Curves is a 6 1/4 X 52 Belicoso
The Bombshell is a 6 X 60 Grand Toro
The Perfection is a 6 1/2 X 42 Lancero
Also available are the 4 X 50 short Robusto (Habano and Connecticut only) and The 4 X 60 Short Grand Toro (Habano and Connecticut only)


Pictured: Shiah Goldberg, Kathy Pickering, & Michael Catalano

Catelli Modella Maduro

The word Modella, which means “Model” in Italian, really fits in well with this line of cigars, their unique titles, and the signature artwork of the Catelli Cigar Company, LLC. The Catelli Cigar Company began its Catelli Modella cigar line with the Connecticut wrapper and the Habano wrapper. The company has just unveiled their new line of Maduro wrapper cigars this year!

The Catelli Modella Maduro cigar is made using a Mexican San Andres Maduro wrapper with a Nicaraguan binder and Nicaraguan fillers. Each cigar is hand rolled at the La Zona Factory in Esteli, Nicaragua under the watchful eyes of Erik Espinosa. Each box comes with 20 cigars.

Catelli Modella Maduro Review

The wrapper has a bit of an oily center and is slightly soft to the touch, but these characteristics disappear on the foot and cap of the cigar. The wrapper isn’t very veiny, but some are visible. It’s more smooth to the touch. This stick has a dry woody scent to its pre-light aroma. Its pre-light draw is smooth and tastes of tobacco.

It was easy to toast and light up. It didn’t take but approximately 10 seconds. Upon lighting and continuing through the first few draws I’m getting a wood flavor profile from the stick. During the first third, the wood flavor is staying on top with a sweet vanilla aftertaste lingering behind each puff.

At the start of the second third I can taste the sweet vanilla begin to take over the forefront of the taste profile. Throughout the second third the vanilla flavor really took control ultimately with a smooth vanilla cream profile. The ash finally lost its battle at the halfway point. The cigar is very smooth with a nice even smooth draw.

During the final third the vanilla cream was strong with hints of peanuts throughout. This Robusto cigar was very enjoyable to the nub. Would I smoke this cigar again? Absolutely! It had a good combination of flavors from start to finish. The construction was very well put together with a nice even burn all the way through. No touch-ups were required during the approximately hour-long smoke.

I highly recommend trying this cigar for a nice smoking experience for all. Until next time, my friends.


Mike Green | Associate Editor

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  1. Heard you guys on Cigar Tipsters Podcast.

    Really enjoyed learning about your brand.

    I am in Australia but buy mostly from US retailers. (Very limited choice on shelf here in Aus & stupidly expensive)

    Do you guys have any retailers that you know will ship to Australia?

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