Cigar Rating Scale



All of the reviewed cigars on Thick Ash Magazine are rated on a 0-100 point system. We use 4 categories (listed below) and add the score up at the end of the review process. This rating system allows Thick Ash Magazine to provide an easy to understand score that is similar to most cigar review sites in the industry.


How we rate the cigars we smoke:

  • 1. Appearance and construction (20 Points)
  • 2. Flavor (20 Points)
  • 3. Smoking characteristics (25 Points)
  • 4. Overall experience (35 Points)


What the final scores mean to us:

  • 96-100: A Perfect Cigar
  • 90-95: An Excellent Cigar
  • 85-89: A Very Good Cigar
  • 80-84: A Good Cigar
  • 75-79 : A Fair Cigar
  • 70-74 : A Poor Cigar
  • Below 70 : Don’t Waste Your Money


We at Thick Ash Magazine understand that cigar reviews are very subjective. You may like something that we hate, and that is okay. However, we do our best to preserve the integrity of each review and we strive to provide an honest score to our readers.