Cigar Review: Caldwell Cigars Eastern Standard Euro Express


Caldwell Cigars Eastern Standard Euro Express


My wife surprised me and brought back this wonderful cigar, Caldwell Cigar Company’s Eastern Standard Euro Express, from one of her trips.  She presented this cigar to me as a birthday gift, so let’s all celebrate with a smoke!

Cigar Specifications:


Wrapper: Ecuadorian Hybrid Dark Connecticut

Binder: Dominican Habano

Filler: Dominican Habano Seco, Corojo Ligero, Criollo 98 Viso

Length: 5.5″

Gauge: 44

Price: $9-$10

The Review:




The Eastern Standard immediately has an amazing cedar and leathery smell, with hints of hay and earth.  Upon feel, the wrapper bounced back from a light pressure and is slightly firm.  Visually, it has a nice clean cap and the foot is not overfilled.  The wrapper is beautiful with a darker shade Connecticut.  There are tight seams and minimal veins.



There is a hint of spice upon light up, with grass and a taste of walnuts.  It has a very clean sweet finish.  The draw is good and I am loving the sweet aroma.



The notes are becoming very robust.  It still has notes of grass and cedar on the palate with a very clean finish.  The draw is good and the burn is almost perfect.



Now the sweetness has definitely kicked up.  The notes of cedar have picked up and are more detectable on the palate.  The burn and draw are still doing well.  The ash is white and held for a good 25-27 minutes.



Currently, the spice has picked up and I am getting a small dose of pepper.  Also, I am getting a very slight saltiness.  It continues to provide a mellow sweetness to the palate.  There are still no burn or draw issues.  Now I am craving a salted caramel shake!



Nearing the end of the Euro Express, there is a very nice balance of spice and sweetness.  Notes of grass and cedar are still detectable on the exhale and the draw and burn have been great.


Overall, the Eastern Standard Euro Express is definitely a great cigar to enjoy.  It was consistent throughout, and I can find no complaints.  What a great gift to enjoy on my birthday.  Try one on your next special occasion, or any day you need to relax.


-Wandering Tom


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