Cigar Review: Kentucky Dark Fire by Valentia Cigars


Valentia Cigars are made of Dominican tobacco leaves, from the fertile Cibao Valley. The masterminds behind Mako Firearms created Valentia in 2013, and they aim to produce nothing but the best products.

Today, we take a look at and review the Kentucky Dark Fire by Valentia.



Length/Ring Gauge: 6″ x 56
Wrapper: Viso Nicaragua
Binder: Negro San Andres
Filler: Santo Domingo, Nicaragua and Kentucky Dark Fired
Strength: Medium / Full
Cost: $11

The Review:


The Dark Fire is dark in color, and it has a smooth wrapper with minimal veins. The cigar is triple capped, and it appears to be very well constructed. This stick has a dry woody scent to its pre-light aroma. Its pre-light draw is smooth and tastes of tobacco and a hint of oak.


First Third:


This smoke was easy to toast and light up and took approximately 15 seconds. Upon lighting, I’m getting an oak flavor profile from the stick. The oak is paired with an earthy undertone, mild spices, and a hint of roasted pecan. The cigar is emitting a nice steady stream of white smoke, and it presents with a strong dark ash. I did not experience any issues during the first third of my smoking experience.

Second Third:


At the start of the second third, I can taste the earthy tones to begin to take over the forefront of the taste profile. The pecan taste and the spices have mellowed but are still present. The flavor profile of this cigar complement each other very well. The ash finally lost its battle at the halfway point. The cigar is very smooth with a nice even draw.

Final Third:


During the final third, the oak profile was strong and hints of black coffee start to emerge. The black coffee pairs well with an aftertaste of light cream. Oak, mild spices, and roasted pecan blend together with the coffee and light cream to create an amazing flavor profile. The smoke continued to burn evenly, no touch-ups were required, and the draw remained smooth throughout the entire experience.


I highly recommend trying this cigar for a nice smoking experience. This cigar was very enjoyable to the nub. It had a good combination of flavors from start to finish. The construction was very well put together with a nice even burn all the way through. No touch-ups were required during the approximately hour long smoke.

Thick Ash Cigar Rating: 92



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