Cigar Review: La Imperiosa by Crowned Heads


La Imperiosa by Crowned Heads

Crowned Heads has introduced a new cigar to their popular lineup of blended sticks. This past year, La Imperiosa hit the shelves of retailers from all over the world. Actually, La Imperiosa is the second regular production blend of tobaccos from Crowned Heads following Jericho Hill. La Imperiosa translates to “the imperative”, or “that which is absolutely necessary or required.” In 2014, Crowned Heads created a cigar blend you may have heard of: Las Calaveras EL 2014. This blend was widely and wildly popular among cigar enthusiasts and retailers around the world. It was a limited edition and sold out very quickly in just a matter of weeks. As the demand for this blend grew immensely and quickly, Crowned Heads listened and fulfilled the cries to bring back the Las Calaveras EL 2014 cigar with the La Imperiosa in regular production. It is the same blend as the Las Calaveras EL 2014. It was an imperative and necessary decision for Crowned Heads.

Like the Las Calaveras EL 2014, the La Imperiosa was also blended at the My Father Cigars, S.A. factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. Originally, it was an old Cuban brand from the early 1900’s that they decided to reintroduce to the world.

The La Imperiosa comes in four (4) different vitolas:

Corona Gorda – 5 3/4 x 46
Magicos – 4 1/2 x 52
Double Robusto – 6 3/8 x 50
Dukes – 5 1/2 x 54

The vitolas are different from the vitolas of the Las Calaveras EL 2014, which came in only three (3) sizes:

LC550 – 5 x 50
LC652 – 6 x 52
LC754 – 7 x 54

The La Imperiosa uses a blend of Nicaraguan long leave fillers with a Nicaraguan binder and an Ecuadorian Habano Oscuro wrapper. It will be distributed in intricate 24-count boxes with a price range between $8.25 and $9.75.

The Review:

The new 2015 La Imperiosa Robusto cigar is an oily stick showing the sheen of the oils on its chocolate-brown wrapper leaf. It has some veins in it with tight seams. The feel of it can be mildly rough in some areas as my finger glides around the cigar. Other areas are pretty smooth. Upon squeezing it, it can be a little mushy, but the tightly wrapped tobacco keeps it in check. The initial aroma coming from the Ecuadorian Habano Oscuro wrapper is of dry fruit with the foot producing hints of tobacco and hay. The band is a light blue background with the outline of a golden crown in the center. The words La Imperiosa appear in white letters above the crown while Nicaragua appears in white lettering below the crown. Three small white stars are below the identifying country. This is outlined in gold around the edges of the band. There are intricate designs going around the rest of the circumference of the band in gold and white coloring.

The cut is done once more using my go-to straight cutter. There were only a few small pieces of leaf that hit the floor upon the cut. It was done with a slight amount of pressure, but not anything to cause an issue with the cigar. The dry draw is of sweet tobacco and some slight fruitiness. Let’s light up!

The toasting and lighting of the 2015 La Imperiosa by Crowned Heads was done easily and smoothly. Immediately, There are notes of fruit, slight pepperiness, leather, and barnyard. During the first half-inch the pepperiness begins to make a bit of a larger appearance. Throughout the first third, the leather has become the leading flavor in the profile with the pepperiness coming in behind it. The fruit taste is falling and the barnyard is in the background. The ash towards the finalized first third is holding good. It’s a nice white color with a dark gray point on the bottom. The burn line has been even up to the end of the initial piece when the bottom began burning slightly quicker then the rest of the circumference. I turned it around to see if that would help. The first third held a 20 minute burn time.


Burning into the second part of the cigar, the pepperiness has almost disappeared from the profile staying far into the background barely noticeable. The leather and fruit are battling for the lead flavor now while the barnyard is still lingering in there. Halfway through the cigar, the ash is still holding on strong with the hue still a beautiful white with points of gray in the same area as before. While the flavors haven’t changed, the ash finally lost its balance with the cigar falling just past the halfway mark. The retro-hale brings strong pepper notes burning the nostrils a little bit. With the second third coming to a close, the leather is leading the profile with fruit coming in close at second and the barnyard in the distant background. The pepperiness has left the profile altogether. The burn line has evened itself out without any of my assistance. The second portion of the cigar had another burn time of 20 minutes.


Bringing in the final third, the retro-hale is not as peppery and has a slight leather/fruit scent. The flavors are still reminiscent of the end of the middle part of the smoke. The burn line is spot on all the way around the circumference of the cigar. The second ash is still mostly white with more of a light gray tint at this point. The leather and fruit seem to be going back and forth with each other battling it out once again for that leading flavor. The barnyard has also left the profile towards the end of the smoke. This is a very oily cigar. The oils have shined on the wrapper since the beginning of the experience. The second ash is still holding on to the cigar towards the end of the smoke with the same hue. This cigar was smoked till the even burn line was damn near touching my fingers. The heat coming from the cigar was not very intense. The leather and fruit were still battling it out at the end of the smoking experience. The leading flavors when I put the cigar down was leather with fruit coming in a very close second. The burn time for this final third was 25 minutes.



The 2015 La Imperiosa cigar by Crowned Heads was a fantastic smoke to burn. The oils radiated from the wrapper throughout the entire smoke of this beautiful stick. The flavors from this cigar were of fruit, leather, pepperiness, and barnyard. It was a medium-bodied smoke with full-flavor all the way through to the end. The flavors were delicious and very much enjoyed with every puff and retro-hale from this smoking experience for the 1 hour and 5 minutes it took to smoke it. If you haven’t yet experienced this cigar or the 2014 Las Calaveras, I would highly recommend this stick to be on the list of cigars to enjoy. Till next time, my friends.


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  1. Crowned Heads is right up there with RoMa Craft as far as brands that continue to impress me with every stick they come out with. Consistently great and unique smokes, these were absolutely no exception.

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