Cigar Review: La Nox, “The Night” from La Flor Dominicana (LFD)

La Nox, “The Night” from La Flor Dominicana (LFD)


La Flor Dominicana has out done themselves with this full-bodied cigar.  It is made with a deep dark Maduro Brazilian wrapper, and expertly paired with a Mexican San Andres binder with Dominican filler.  These pairings offer great flavor for experienced cigar smokers. When holding the La Nox it feels tightly wrapped and very well put together.  The wrapper has a very rough, and veiny texture.


Size: 6 x 52 (Toro)
Wrapper: Brazil Cubra
Binder: San Andres Mexico
Filler: Dominican Republic (including Pelo de Oro)
Strength: Medium


The Review




At first, the La Nox offers a coco and pepper spice with a very nice draw with lots of smoke. The spice is reminiscent of red pepper, and it hits the back of the palate and throat.  After an easy draw, it offers tons of smoke.




Currently the cigar is creamy on the front and spicy on the back of the  palate.  There is a clean roasted coffee after taste. The burn is even and seems to hold the ash very well.




The cigar continues with a nice creamy flavor hints of red pepper and coffee finish. The smoke gives off an enjoyable wet moss and earthy type of aroma, which is pleasant. The ash held-up well for 35 minutes before it fell.




After 45 minutes, the La Nox was still presenting great taste.  The pepper spice has become more intense with a clean black coffee finish, but a small bit of canoeing has started. The draw is still very easy. The cigar still feels firm nearing the end; as it did before lighting.




After a touch up with some lit cedar, the canoeing has corrected itself.  The cigar still provides a good amount of spice. The creaminess has diminished, and the cigar presents a very dark coffee flavor.



The canoeing action has returned requiring another touch up, but the flavor is still rich. The pepper spice has dulled, but it is still very noticeable on each draw with the clean taste of black coffee on the finish.  The La Nox still has a great draw and aroma.




The La Nox has the same consistent flavor with a nice coffee finish. This smoke has consistently had a great draw to the end.


The La Nox was an extraordinary cigar. It was well put together; from both the way it was constructed from the wrapper to the filler. This cigar offers rich complex flavors from a coco start to a roasted coffee with a nice spice finish. The La Nox also makes a great after dinner full body smoke. It is one of my favorite cigars of the year.  If you are looking for something full bodied this year make sure you get your hands on a few of the LFD La Nox. Have a great dinner and enjoy “The Night”!


-Wandering Tom

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