Cigar Review: Perdomo Habano Bourbon Barrel-Aged Sun Grown


Perdomo Habano Bourbon Barrel-Aged Sun Grown

We are all pretty familiar with Perdomo and their unparalleled quality and excellence. Perdomo recently made some changes to their Habano line and I have chosen to review the Perdomo Habano Bourbon Barrel-Aged Sun Grown.

Perdomo Habano Bourbon Barrel-Aged Sun Grown features a beautiful bronze wrapper that has been aged for 6 years and then an addtional 10 months in bourbon barrels.



Length/gauge: 6×54 (Epicure)

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Sun Grown (Aged an additional 10 months in bourbon barrels)

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan Esteli, Condega, Jalapa

Strength: Medium

Cost: $7-$9

The Review:



Starting off, the Perdomo Habano Bourbon Barrel-Aged Sun Grown has a little pepper, spice, sweetness, and nut flavor to greet the palate. It has a great draw and a very pleasant aroma.



On the draw, there is a good amount of sweetness mixed with a toasted nut flavor, which reminds me of almonds. During the exhale, there is clean oak flavor and the sweetness returns to the palate, this may be in part to the bourbon barrel aging.



The burn remains good; however, the draw is requiring a little more effort. The ash held strong for approximately 20 minutes. The sweetness is starting to die off and the oak flavor is now very prominent. I am also tasting the toasted nut and earthiness on the finish.



The Sun Grown offers up strong flavors of oak and toasted nut, and with a dark chocolate finish, which is a pleasant surprise I was not expecting.



The spice has picked up again, and a mixture of dark chocolate and oak are most notable on the palate. The burn has been great and the draw has become more relaxed, allowing more flow of flavor to be experienced.



As it draws to a close, the spice intensifies. Sweetness starts to return, blending with the oak and dark chocolate notes enhancing the experience.



Perdomo has put a lot of work into this cigar. It’s evident by the four blends of tobacco leaves and wrapper, as well as the bourbon barrel-aging process. It adds depths of flavor even the most refined cigar connoisseur’s palate would appreciate. This is definitely a great cigar to enjoy and I highly recommend. I give the Perdomo Habano Barrel-Aged Sun Grown a score of 87.


-Wandering Tom

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