Cigar Review: PSyKo Seven by Ventura Cigar Co.


Ventura Cigar Company creates a number of great cigars. Placencia Reserva Organica, Estilo Cubano, Project 805, and Pura Sangre are just a few they have on their resume. One of our favorites is the PSyKo Seven.  The PSyKo Seven is made by Henke Kellner in the Dominican Republic, and it was released at the 2013 IPCPR. Since its release, the PSyKo Seven has been highly sought after and receives positive reviews throughout the cigar community.




PSyKo Seven

Wrapper: Dominican Hybrid

Binder: Mexican Sumatra

Origin: Dominican Republic

Filler: Seven types of blended tobacco Dominican Republic

Size: Toro 6.25 x 48


The Review:



Upon inspection of the PsyKo Seven cigar, it has very good construction and the cap was well put together. Shortly after lighting the cigar, it presents with a little spicy, earthy, and moist wood flavor. The draw is decent. The flavor was very good as it offered a lot of smoke on the palate.



The Seven still has a good flavor of toasted nuts and a cedar point with a little hint of spice. The draw has improved.



The flavor has gone to a dominantly strong cedar flavor with a hint similar to nutmeg on the finish of exhaling. The burn has been very consistent, and it offers a lot of smoke to roll off the palate and aroma from the cigar itself.



The flavor notes haven’t changed much. The burn, draw, and taste have been pretty much the same. The nutmeg flavor is no longer noted. The flavor of cedar is dominating this cigar but in a good way.



The last bit of the PSyko Seven changes rapidly. It now has a powerful fresh cut grass flavor, which was unexpected. It is very smooth and enjoyable.



For the last fifteen minutes, the fresh cut grass flavor has been notable. The draw is good, and the burn has been great.


Throughout the entire smoke, there were no manufacturing issues, and it smoked very well.  The flavors on the palate were great, and the blend of the seven different tobaccos turns out to be a winner.  I was very surprised at the complexity of the Psyko Seven.  The moist earth, toasted nut and cedar, the light nutmeg, and lastly the fresh cut grass flavor left on the palate; it gives the smoker a great deal of flavor to sample during the smoke. Just as a note, it is suggested to remove the main wrapper, which tells of all the ingredients that goes into making this Toro.  Ventura Cigar Company truly has the prescription the doctor ordered, so go grab the remedy!


-Wandering Tom

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