Cigar Review: Thunder By Nimish Patel


Origin: Honduran

Size: 6 x 52

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano

Binder: Nicaragua, Honduras (Dual Binder)

Filler: Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica

Strength: Full

Price: $5-$7





The Thunder by Nimish starts out very mild with a creamy coffee flavor, and it presents with no spice.  There was a funny burn mark when it was first lit but it did not get out of control.




The burn has corrected itself after the first 15 minutes without any touch up from a torch.  The cocoa flavor has disappeared, and the Thunder has taken on a smooth creamy oak flavor.  The draw is good, and the burn is just about even.




The Thunder’s ash held together for about 30 minutes.  It continues to have a very nice clean flavor, the creaminess has subsided, and a leather and oak flavor are left to enjoy on the palate.




At this point, the same tastes have carried through to the 45 minute mark. The flavor of leather and a clean oak flavor is represented very well on the palate as it nears the end.




Nearing the last 15 minutes of the Thunder by Nimish, the taste is dominated by the oak flavor. The draw has been great and the burn is even for the most part.


Thunder by Nimish is a great buy for the smoking experience received.  It was nice to see an oily Habano wrapper, and the price for this smoke was great.  I paid $6 and some change for these.  This was only my second time smoking this cigar. This one happened to have some small issues with the burn where some hot spots had strayed on the outer wrapper, and the ash was very loose after the burn. However, from the overall flavorful, smooth, and mild taste to the experience of smoking the nice oily wrapper was great.

Many reviewers are calling this a full bodied smoke, but it is more medium for my taste.  The flavor notes were very consistent and didn’t differ very much, which makes this cigar a great smoke for anyone.


Wandering Tom

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