Cinco De Mayo: One Tequila…Two Tequila…Three Tequila…Floor

One of the biggest party days is upon us. Cinco de Mayo is here, and it is time to celebrate. Break out the sombreros, the taco kits, and of course, the tequila! It is time to let loose, and we are here to help.

The best part of Cinco de Mayo is the drinks. Tequila is known for making the party more interesting, so we have put together some of our favorite drink recipes to help you party like you are south of the border. So, grab some tacos, bring the tequila, and get the fiesta rolling.



Margarita, Cocktail, Drink, Alcohol, Recipe, Party

Cinco de Mayo would not be complete without a Margarita. The Margarita is by far considered the king of all drinks made with tequila, and every party that is remotely Mexican-themed needs plenty of them.


Tequila Sunrise, Cocktail, Drink, Operation, Upper

What goes better with a sunrise than tequila? Well, not too much if you are talking about alcohol. The Tequila Sunrise is one of the most popular mixed drinks, and we think it is pretty damn tasty. Adding a few of these to your Cinco de Mayo menu might be the best decision you have made all night.


Long Island Iced Tea, Cocktail, Drink, Alcohol, Recipe

The Long Island Iced Tea is an awesome concoction. This is what happens when Tequila decides to chill with all of his friends. They bring quite the party to a glass. A few too many of these will bring your night to a whole new level.


Tahoe Blue, Cocktail, Drink, Operation, Upper, Waiter

The Blue Tahoe is our favorite on this list. There so many flavors that complement each other, and it is a drink that not everyone has tried a hundred times. If you want something unique to sip on throughout the night, whip up a few of these.


We hope these drinks will make your Mexican celebration more bad-ass and your Cinco de Mayo unforgettable. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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