Cleaning Your Cigar Cutter

Whether you are a cigar connoisseur or an occasional cigar smoker, you probably have a cigar cutter. After continuous use, a cigar cutter will start to stick, get full of “gunk”, and it will not cut with precision as it once did. So, to help combat the “gunked-up” cigar cutter, we have compiled a “how to” when it comes to cleaning your cigar cutter.

Step #1

Get a soft cloth, tissue, and a Q-tip. Apply alcohol to the cloth and wipe down your entire cutter.

Step # 2

Dip your Q-tip in a small amount of rubbing alcohol. Use the Q-tip to clean the blade and hard to reach spots on your cutter.

Step # 3

Apply a small dab of graphite lubricant (WD-40) to both sides of the blade. Graphite lubricant will not attract dust and grime like some of the other oils used. Open and close the cutter repeatedly to ensure proper lubrication. Wipe off any excess oil.

Now, enjoy your newly cleaned cutter and your favorite smoke.

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