Enclave by A.J. Fernandez – Cigar Review

A.J. Fernandez had a special reasoning behind the idea of creating his newest line of cigars named the Enclave. He thought about the brother/sisterhood of the cigar community. The elucidate of the word enclave is a portion of territory within or surrounded by a larger territory whose inhabitants are culturally or ethnically distinct. A.J. Fernandez is quoted as saying "There is no doubt that there is a special bond among those passionate about cigars." We are an Enclave of cigar enthusiasts, and the Enclave embodies that spirit. He respectfully limned the Native Indians on his Enclave band, because he believes they were the original enclave of tobacco.

This blend is also special in that this is the third time that A.J. Fernandez and his father, Ismael, have teamed together to create a fantastic cigar. A year ago in 2014 they worked side by side to create The New World blend and later The New World Connecticut blend.

The Enclave is skillfully created using a perfect Ecuadorian Habano Rosado wrapper leaf with a Cameroon binder. The fillers are of select A.J. Fernandez Nicaraguan tobacco as well as Nicaraguan Piloto Cubano leaves. It is manufactured in the Tabacalera Fernandez factory in Esteli, Nicaragua.

This new blend will be made in four different sizes:

Robusto - 5 x 52

Toro - 6 x 52

Figurado - 6 1/2 x 52

Churchill - 7 x 52

This is a very beautiful and tasty cigar with a very special significance that went into its creation. So, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters of the leaf, enjoy this cigar and honor it as well as one another. This cigar was created for you. For all of us.



The Review

Upon first inspection of this Robusto (5 x 52) sized cigar the Enclave looks to have been constructed very well. There are minimal veins in the wrapper with no signs of mistakes in the structure of this stick. It has an intricate band featuring an Indian on horseback with other Indians in the background. The name "Enclave" is inscribed above the etching. It is also outlined in blue and gold. A secondary smaller band in red identifies the creator as A.J. Fernandez.

This cigar is unique in that it has an uncut foot. The touch of this cigar is light and smooth with a slight leathery feel. The cap is cut with ease leaving an even and care-free cut. The pre-light aroma coming off the wrapper is of milk chocolate, with a pre-light draw from the cap is of chocolate and tobacco.

Once I lit the cigar, I'm immediately getting slight spices and a woodsy flavor. A little later into the first third I started to pick up some cedar and earth flavors coming out of it. The slight spiciness and wood flavors are still there at the end of the first third along with cedar and earth. This seems to be a medium-bodied smoke at the start. The white ash dropped just before the end of this initial third.

Going into the second third the flavors remain the same. The stick has burned evenly throughout so far. About halfway though this second segment a small crack appeared in the wrapper, but it did not develop any farther than that. The spice has left the flavor profile, leaving the other flavors to persist on my palate. Towards the end of this second third I begin to taste a bit of milk chocolate in the character of this cigar. The wood, earth, and cedar flavors are still in charge. The ash fell once again during this part of the stick.

The flavors from the second third remained the lead flavors throughout the final third, picking up to a full-bodied cigar towards the end of this final third. The hint of milk chocolate hung in the background throughout the rest of the stick, leaving wood, earth, and cedar as the main flavors in the portrayal of this cigar. Throughout this third the ash hung strong till I put it down. I smoked this stick down to less than an inch from the smooth cut cap.

The flavors I got from this stick are slight spice and wood to start with. Continuing into the cigar there were earth and cedar along with hints of milk chocolate. It started as a medium-bodied and ended as a full-bodied cigar. The only worry was the small crack in the second third, which did not create an issue. It burned through the crack, remaining an even burn during the entire smoke. This was a really good cigar and for only about $6 per stick, depending on size and retailer, it's a great value cigar.

This can be purchased in boxes of 20 from any cigar retailer that sells the Enclave. I highly recommend giving this special cigar a try, if you haven't already. They're available now. Till next time, my friends.


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