Mike Uhren – Thick Ash’s Featured Artist


When the world of art collides with cigars, the outcome is incredible. On our quest to find the best art in the cigar world, we have stumbled upon a great artist. Mike Uhren combines his talent with his love for cigars and creates some very interesting and unique works of art featuring cigars.


“I began my career in high school and college”, said Uhren. “In high school I created art for classes, and I still have a mural hanging in the school that was created in 1996. I then started at Kent State as a fine art major, met my future wife, and changed into advertising as a more stable major. I worked in that for a bit, then my wife got pregnant with our first child; I decided to stay home. I started creating cigar art during that time. ”

The fusion of cigars and art is something that Uhren does very well. He takes his love for the cigar lifestyle, and he comes up with a masterpiece.


“It’s hard for me to reach into my humidor and not think of how the cigar I’m holding will make me feel, or what imagery it will evoke in me. I’ve done a VERY few unbanded / unbranded pieces and I think that’s because of two things. One, the bands are magnificent in themselves! Two, I’d like my art to represent the status and prestige of the cigars I am smoking at the time. I want to look at a finished piece and think “That reminds me of the (blank) cigar I smoked. That reminds me of the time I had Scotch with (blank) cigar. Man that was fun.” Overall, my cigar art is a fusion of my taste in cigars and own artistic preferences that I hope others will appreciate as well,” said Uhren.


Since his first piece in 2009, Uhren has sold over 80 originals and over 400 prints. His unique style has caught the eye of countless people across the world, and his artwork can be found in the offices of Jon Huber & Tim Ozgener of (formerly of) CAO Cigars International, Jonathan Drew of Drew Estate, Pete Johnson of Tatuaje Cigars, and Casper Johnson of L’Atelier Imports.


Mike Uhren is creating artwork as often as possible. He is an artist that works from the heart, and his passion and love of the arts is prevalent on the canvas. Uhren works on commissioned pieces, and his prints and originals can be purchased via his site. For purchases, information, and to view more of Mike Uhren’s artwork visit his website: www.mikeuhren.com


*Artwork and Biography Courtesy of Mike Uhren

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