Thick Ash Poll: What is your preferred method to store your cigars?


There are numerous methods available for storing your cigars. Whether you store your sticks in a humidor, wineador, or you just carry them in a travel humidor for a quick smoke; we want to know your preferred cigar storing method. Vote in the poll below, and comment your favorite way to store your cigars.



3 Comments on "Thick Ash Poll: What is your preferred method to store your cigars?"

  1. I have a 28bottle Vinotemp I converted to a humidor. It has Spanish cedar drawers for my singles, trays for my boxes and circulation fans. It easily holds about 1000 cigars.

  2. Have a 400 count CAO humidor plus two large coolers full and a small one with the Cubans I got right after I got out of the military. All work great in keeping humidity and temp in control since living in the South the humidity levels can go through the roof.

    • Jeremy Horst | April 6, 2016 at 1:06 pm | Reply

      Mike, thanks for sharing! Sounds like you are good to go for quite some time! Being from the South as well, I definitely understand what you mean. Thank you again!

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