Great Brews on a Budget


We have always heard the saying ‘when it comes to beer, you get what you pay for’. Sometimes that saying is very true. A few of those high-gravity beers have hurt our budget on more than one occasion. The beer industry is full of many different beers that can definitely break the bank. On the other hand, the market is full of many great brews that are budget friendly. Next time you are looking for a great beer when your budget is tight, look out for a few of these affordable bottles.


Yuengling Lager – $10 / 12 Pack


Yuengling is made at America’s oldest brewery. This beer is definitely a step above any ‘value beers’ when you’re talking about overall flavor and profile. The brew has a great balance of taste and price, and when we are on a budget this is one of our go-to beers.


Shiner Bock – $11 / 12 Pack


They say “everything is bigger in Texas.” We think they are talking about the bargain you get when you purchase a Shiner Bock brewed in Shiner, TX. The brew is less than $1 a bottle, and it is nothing short of an amazing beer. This full-flavored beer is satisfying for both your taste-buds and your bank account.


Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat – $7 / 6 Pack


This beer is known to most as the Fruity Pebble’s beer. Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat is a witbier with a top-note of blueberry added for more flavor. We think this beer is awesome! This brew goes down smooth, taste great, and for around $1.17 a bottle it is an awesome value.


Mission Street India Pale Ale – $7 / 6 Pack


This is one of the best values you will find when talking about craft beer. Mission St. IPA is brewed in small batches, made with quality ingredients, and it is 5.8% ABV. This IPA is a high quality brew with a great taste and a smooth profile. The Mission St. IPA is only around $1.17 a bottle, and we find this value very hard to beat.


Lagunitas Pils – $8 / 6 Pack


Lagunitas Czech Style Pils is a great beer..Period. This brew is packed full of flavor, and it sports a hefty 6% ABV. The Lagunitas Pils is a no-brainer for any beer drinker looking to save a few dollars. The small price tag of around $1.33 a beer is worth every penny, and you will not have to worry about wasting your hard earned money on a watered down beer.




There are plenty of brews on the shelves that will not break the bank, and you can get premium style beers without the premium price tag. These brews are some of our favorites. What are your favorite brews on a budget? Share them with us and comment below.






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