Help Exempt Premium Cigars From FDA Regulation


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) made an announcement on May 5th, 2016 that will have detrimental effects on the cigar industry. This ruling has caused outrage within the cigar community. The recent ruling will ban free tobacco samples, require any new blend (released after February 15, 2007) to undergo a costly FDA approval process, and it will ruin the art of cigar boxes by placing more warning labels on packaging. These are just a few major changes that have been approved.


The ruling imposes changes that will drastically change the cigar industry. The changes will affect everyone across the nation from local shops, consumers, and manufactures. If we do not act now, the cigar industry as we know it will cease to exist. You can help save it.


Here is how:

Sign the White House petition created by Cigar Rights of America. This petition calls for the Obama Administration to further review the FDA’s ruling and reconsider its decision to impose heavy regulations on premium cigars. The White House will respond to the petition if it reaches 100,000 signatures by June 10. Currently, 11,863 people have signed it, and it still needs 88,137 signatures. Sign it, confirm your email, and share this petition.


Contact both of your members of the United States Senate as well as your Congressman in the House of Representatives and respectfully ask them to support S. 441 and H.R. 662, which would exempt premium cigars from FDA regulation and oversight as well as to support language adopted by the House Committee on Appropriations on April 19, 2016, calling for an exemption for premium cigars from FDA oversight. Click Here To Take Action.


If enacted, these regulations will have a devastating impact on the cigar industry. Help save the cigar industry and your favorite smokes. Join the fight today!


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  1. Please everyone who loves cigars like I do sign the petition and let your voice be heard. Also join the CRA, Cigar Rights of America and fight back. Just like prohibition we need to stand up to the FDA and the rest of there cronies and tell them to leave Premium Cigars alone. I’m a Life Time member and will stand with the rest of my BOTL and SOTL and fight the FDA. I hope you will join the fight.

  2. We signed the petition and shared with our community.

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