Joyful Stoves – Thick Ash’s Featured Artist

What do you do with the cigar band off of the cigar you just enjoyed? Well, if you are Joyful Stoves you use cigar bands to create some of the best art in the cigar world.


Joyful Stoves started out collecting cigar bands with no vision in mind. “Many people save the bands from cigars. Some fill containers, only to toss out the containers or empty and start again. Others cover tables or humidors. When I started saving my bands, I didn’t have a clear purpose. I knew the bands were pretty and appreciated them as little art pieces. But, what to do with them? I put some in a book with descriptions of the cigars they represented. I filled empty cigar boxes,” stated Stoves.

Stoves began to use her creative talents, and she began using the cigar bands to put around pictures. She used photographs that she had obtained from the Big Smoke and other cigar events she had attended with people in the cigar world, and she framed the pictures with the bands representing the person pictured.

What started out as a collecting hobby eventually turned into a passion, and she turned that passion into artistic masterpieces. “I had a couple of pictures to frame together and decided to make the bands represent a smoking cigar. It worked! And, my imagination began to soar”, stated Stoves. Before long, Stoves was creating art out of cigar bands for cigar shops and bars in her hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska. Her first true collage was the storefront for Teds Tobacco, Stove’s primary shop at the time.


Stoves began to turn a hobby into a business. She created commission pieces for friends, and started showcasing her work at local art festivals. “I typically bring my art to the Nebraska Cigar Festival and Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival. I’d love to go to more cigar festivals and hope I am able to as my kids get older”, states Stoves.


Joyful Stoves credits a lot of her success to the generosity of others. Local businesses, cigar shops, and cigar manufactures have all sent Stoves bands to use on her artwork. “What started as a hobby to use cigar bands stashed around the house has turned into a business that leaves me continually searching for cigar bands. Local shops have been fabulous at saving bands for me. I’ve been privileged to receive unused bands from E.P. Carrillo, Altadis, and Rocky Patel. And I’ve met some great people through social media who regularly send their bands. It’s always fun to see the assortment of cigars available in different areas of the country”, Stoves said. “The generosity of others has allowed me to create hundreds of pieces of unique cigar band art. All the art I create is made from cigar bands and packaging, such as box liners. Each piece is unique and I do not offer prints”.


Around half of the masterpieces Joyful Stoves creates is on commission. She is always up for a challenging new topic and piece to work on. Stoves creates some of the most unique art we have seen in the cigar world, and she does it in a very unique way. We cannot wait to see her next masterpiece.


If you would like to help Joyful Stoves create even more beautiful works of art, you can send her your cigar bands to:

Joyful’s Cigar Art
PO Box 6924
Lincoln, NE 68506

To learn more about Joyful’s Cigar Art, or to purchase a piece of art, please visit:



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