New Wave of Cigar Smokers

When thinking of a cigar smoker, what comes to mind? Your grandfather sitting on the front porch blowing smoke into the wind after a hard days work? Or, a group of blue-haired businessmen enjoying a cigar while they talk about business and politics? What comes to our mind is a diversified population of young and old connecting and socializing around one common interest, cigars.


In the last decade, cigars have been on an uprise. The younger generation is picking up the hobby at an alarming rate, and they are definitely changing the cigar scene. This has us wondering, “what has changed in the last decade to attract the millennials to a hobby that was once looked at as a blue-haired habit?” So, this question has us asking around.


“Smoking a cigar is a very social experience. It seems that for many people of my generation, cigars have become a kind of counterculture thing,” says Thomas Bailey, a student at the University of South Alabama. “Cigars can be a real ice-breaker, socially, and cigar lounges or cigar bars enable people with a common interest to get together, socialize, and find a common ground.”


The more we asked the younger aficionados, the more we started to understand the hobbyists uprise in the younger generation. We now realize that this is much more than a ‘fad’, but it is rapidly becoming a lifestyle for the upcoming adults.


“Cigars are really catching on with the younger crowd,” says David Bull, restaurant owner in Biloxi, Mississippi. “This is the generation that is very aware of what they want, and cigars have become the next big thing. Cigars are trendy for both young men and women alike. Women are smoking a lot of fine cigars today. The fact that both men and women are picking up the habit has turned the hobby into more of a social experience than it has ever been. In fact, I would say cigars are the new social accessory, and the cigar interest among young people will continue to grow.”


Whether it is a way to find social interaction, a trendy social accessory, or a way to find relaxation, we think the younger generation is catching on to something. Whatever the reason might be, we are excited to see a lifestyle, that we have come to love, catch fire with a new upcoming generation. It will allow the smoke to keep flowing, the conversations to keep going, and the cigars to remain burning for a lot more decades to come.

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