Press Release: Fat-Ash Re-brands to Thick Ash


March 21st, 2016 – Fat-Ash Cigar Magazine, an online publication dedicated to the cigar community, announced this week that Fat-Ash Cigar Magazine has officially changed its name to Thick Ash Cigar Magazine.

Thick Ash Cigar Magazine will continue to provide the cigar community with reviews, entertainment, and it will continue to enhance the cigar lifestyle. Fat-Ash, has recently undertaken an extensive re-branding effort, and the magazine and all associated social media pages were converted to Thick Ash Cigar Magazine.

“At this time, we believe it is beneficial to our publication, as well as our readers, to re-brand. The re-brand will allow us to continue to provide great content, and it will allow us to grow our brand.” said Justin Horst, Thick Ash Magazine.


About Thick Ash Cigar Magazine

Thick Ash strives to be the premier online publication for the cigar aficionado – the cigar hobbyist – YOU – and your lifestyle. Thick Ash Cigar Magazine brings you the best articles, stories, art, and entertainment in the cigar industry. Connect with fellow connoisseurs, enjoy entertaining articles, and enhance your cigar loving lifestyle.



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