Product Review: Whiff Out Spray Mist Odor Eliminator

Back in 2015, we were asked to review Whiff Out’s Ashtray Deodorizer. In order to get an accurate review, we tested the product in a variety of settings (car, cigar lounge, and home). We were surprised at how well the product worked in all of the tests we put it through.

Thick Ash was contacted by Whiff Out Industries to review their brand-new product, Whiff Out Spray Mist Odor Eliminator. We were eager to try this product and see if it could stand-up to the high standards set by the other Whiff Out products.

The Product:



Name: Whiff Out Spray Mist Odor Eliminator

Description: Whiff Out Spray is presented in a 2 oz. aluminum bottle. The bottle is equipped with an easy spray pump unit and emits a fine mist.

  • Eliminate smoke odors on contact with Whiff Out Spray.
  • Spray on clothing for on the go odor control.
  • Whiff out spray actively deodorizes.
  • Eliminate odors in the air lounges, home, offices, Cars, Boats, etc.
  • Spray on upholstery or carpets to freshen.
  • Safe to use on leather and vinyl surfaces

For over 50 years Whiff Industries has been providing products to freshen the air around us. They have committed to bring out the best products, to produce eco-conscious products, and they are 100% American made and American manufactured.

Origin: U.S. made and U.S. manufactured

Price: 7.99 (2 oz.)

Value: Excellent

Overall Opinion: 9/10


The Review:




The first thing that comes to mind when using a odor eliminator is my vehicle. A cigar smoker knows how potent smoke can smell in a car after burning a cigar. However, if you have a spouse or kids that hate the smell of smoke, an odor eliminator might come in handy.

I decided I would take a relaxing drive. I turned up the music with one hand, and I held my cigar with the other. All was well, and the cigar was very much enjoyed. I was sure to get the car full of smoke so I could test Whiff Out’s Spray Mist Odor Eliminator.

I arrived at my destination, and I decided it was time to see how well the spray would work in my vehicle. I picked up the bottle and proceeded to spray three times in various directions. I closed the doors of my vehicle and left it to sit.

I arrived back at my vehicle about 2 hours later to find a fresh smelling car. The Whiff Out spray created a fresh scent. Like its sister product (Whiff Out Ashtray Odor Eliminator) it was not overpowering, and it did not leave any traces of a cigar smell. I believe Whiff Out is great for making vehicles smell fresh.


Cigar Shop:


Cigar Shops and lounges experience a high volume of smoke. Customers and patrons walk in, buy a few smokes, and they sometimes stay to socialize. Smoke eaters work diligently to remove the smoke in the air, but what happens to the stale smoke that doesn’t reach the smoke eater? Well, we decided to try Whiff Out Spray Mist Odor Eliminator and see how fresh it could make our local lounge.

When we tried Whiff Out Ashtray Odor Eliminator (powder), it worked amazingly well. We left the powder in the ashtrays overnight, and the place smelled great. As we were re-living the powder test, we decided we were going to use the spray a little differently and see how it would hold up.

In the description of Whiff Out Spray Mist Odor Eliminator it states “spray on upholstery or carpets to freshen” and “safe to use on leather and vinyl surfaces”. We decided to put that to the test.

We misted the upholstery, carpets, the leather furniture with Whiff Out Spray Mist Odor Eliminator. We used the product sparingly (1 oz) but strategically around the lounge. After misting the shop, we decided to let it sit over night.

Upon arriving to the lounge in the morning (10 hours later), we were greeted by a fresh smelling shop. The smell was pleasant, not-overpowering, and there was hardly any smell of cigar smoke present. We were all impressed with how well this product seems to have worked, and we decided that Whiff Out’s Spray Mist Odor Eliminator has passed the cigar shop test.




I decided to light-up a cigar in my home and see how the spray would work there. I have no smoke eaters in my home, and the house was closed up like I normally have it. I began enjoying my evening smoke.

As I finished the cigar, I decided I would use the Whiff Out spray. I aimed the spray nozzle toward the center of the room, and I proceeded to use three pumps of spray. Almost instantly, I got a whiff of freshness from the spray.

About 30 minutes later, I could not detect any sign of indoor smoking in my home. It seems as if the Whiff Out Spray Mist Odor Eliminator is very effective in the residential setting.


Pros: Whiff Out Spray Mist Odor Eliminator has a pleasant smell that is not overpowering. It gets rid of the ammonia aroma from cigars and the stale smoke smell. It only takes a small amount to rid an area of odor.

Cons: Upon using the Whiff Out Spray Mist Odor Eliminator, I did not detect any cons or have any flaws with the product. It works as it is described. However, I wish it came in a larger bottle.

Whiff Out products have proven to eliminate odors, and they work very well. This product is a must have for any cigar smoker or anyone who wants to freshen the air.




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