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262 – REVERE (Toro)


262 Cigars is the brainchild of Clint Aaron. Clint has always been an activist for cigar smokers, and he has always fought for cigar rights. Each of the 262 Cigar lines has a special meaning behind them, and they all represent cigar smokers coming together against excessive tobacco taxation and unconstitutional smoking bans. 262 Cigars sends a powerful message, and they make fantastic smokes.


The Revere as described on 262 Cigars website:

“Our Freedom to smoke cigars is hanging in the balance. As the FDA’s decision whether or not to heavily regulate premium cigars looms, more and more people are joining in the fight the keep the government’s hands out of our local smoke shops and humidors.

We are reminded of a time when our great nation was on the verge of birth when every person from every walk of life had the opportunity to stand up for freedom and make a difference. Paul Revere was among those who answered the call with selfless courage and made his mark on history. 262 celebrates that passion with our 3rd full release line, the Revere.

Paul was not a member of the political high class, nor was he a great military leader. Although he did serve some time in the military, Revere was an average, blue collar, working class citizen. But, it was his passion for the American Experiment and his sincere belief in freedom and liberty that drove him from obscurity to national hero.

Paul Revere saw his opportunity to play a part. He was tasked with a specific mission, and through dark of night, many altercations with the enemy, and under penalty of death, Revere and others like him played a pivotal role in America’s success in the Revolutionary War.

We christened the Revere in celebration of this passionate spirit. We also hope to inspire this spirit in others as we fight to keep the government out of our humidors. We must stand together, stand strong, and stand free.”


The Blend

Wrapper: Nicaragua: Jalapa Valley

Double Binder: Nicaragua: Esteli, Jalapa

Fillers: Nicaragua: Esteli, Jalapa, Condega


The Review



At the first draw, the Revere has a bit of spicy pepperiness, yet is smooth with a dry wood finish on the pallet.



Dry wood cedar draw, with a light spiciness, which has tapered off from the start, and almond flavored finish, the ash which was a nice gray held to 1 1/4 inches before the first fall and it has an even burn.



Smooth dry almost toast like taste on the draw, with a very subtle spice on the finish. The draw is still smooth, the burn is still even.



The spiciness of pepper picks back up with a toast flavor. The Revere has a good draw and even burn.



The smooth draw is consistent. I am picking up a nice pepper spice, and the dry cedar flavor returns while nearing the end. The Revere maintained a nice even burn until the end.



The 262 Revere Toro was a very well put together cigar from the binder to cap, the ash holds together well.  The 262 Revere Toro has awesome flavors that are complex; changing three times in the hour it was enjoyed.  It has a really nice draw and an even burn throughout the entire experience.

It paired well with a neat bourbon for this review.  If you are new to cigars or a connoisseur who likes a mild to medium smoke that packs complex flavor, give the 262 Revere Toro a shot!


-Wandering Tom



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