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Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Barrett Kincheloe.  He is a very humble and conservative kind of guy, but has no problems letting the world know he is a passionate entrepreneur with huge ambitions.

Barrett grew up surrounded by leather-bound books, the smell of mahogany, and by the aroma of his father’s cigars.  He left home to study graphic design in Austin, Texas.  During his final semester, where students had to design an actual product to sell, Barrett designed a smaller leather-bound cigar book called The Cigar Youmidor.  After he graduated, the book was shelved and began to collect dust.

Barrett became unfulfilled in his professional life of graphic design and video editing.  He felt he needed to do something his heart was more into and began to explore different facets of himself.

Barrett ended up in Chile where he participated in a program that featured people from all over the world.  The program focused on what people were doing in life and what their heart intended.  Thoughts and feedback were collected and a new and improved version of The Cigar Youmidor was in the works.  Now with a perfect name, the The Cigar Legend was born.

Barrett told me I would be blown away once I received my very own copy of The Cigar Legend.  I could definitely see the passion he shared for cigars and for the excitement he felt to bring something to better the lifestyle of individuals in the cigar industry.

Saying I was blown away would definitely be an understatement.  To me, cigars are my lifestyle.  Since I can remember, I have always taken pictures of the cigars I smoked and saved my cigar bands.  This helped me remember my experience with each cigar.  The Cigar Legend allows me to take it to a whole new level.

It is of extremely high quality made of bonded leather.  The front cover has a gold foil stamp which displays Cigar Legend. The logo appears to be in the shape of a cigar band.  Being 12″ x 9″ and including 176 pages of acid-free paper, it provides much needed space to showcase your journey, or Legend if you will.  You also have the option for name engraving.


The book is split into three sections: Cigar Life, Legend, and Collection.  The first section, Cigar Life, provides you with 23 pages to share your relationship with cigars, people you have met along the way, places you’ve smoked, and your most memorable experiences.  It also provides a global map where you can mark all of the locations you have enjoyed a cigar.


The second section, Legend, is my favorite section.  The Legend provides 50 pages to share your most memorable or special cigar moments.  This section provides a place to specify the celebration or memory, gives you the option to write tasting notes, cigar stats, a place to include the cigar band, and much more.


The final section, Collection, is just that.  You are provided 41 pages to place 9 bands per page.  You have ample space to make notes, if you wish, or just showcase your collection of cigar bands.


According to Barrett Kincheloe, “The Cigar Legend is not designed to be a tasting journal.  The Cigar Legend is all about the Legend that you want to leave that is encompassed in your cigar life.  I think that most cigar smokers can’t tell the difference between this Habano cigar and that Habano cigar, but any cigar smoker can have a great experience while smoking.  That’s why I designed the Legend section (50 entries) to be all about the occasion that you had the cigar for, and not necessarily the cigar itself.  One example is “My Son Was Born!”. That’s legendary, and deserves a Davidoff at least! Over time, this creates a Cigar Legend that you can pass on forever!”


Over all, this is an extreme masterpiece.  The Cigar Legend is a definite must for any cigar aficionado or anyone that has passion for the cigar lifestyle.  The Cigar Legend is all about your experience of smoking a cigar.  You can look at The Cigar Legend online and view the pictures all day, but honestly it does it no justice.  You will be more than blown away once you have the opportunity to experience your very own.


For more information concerning The Cigar Legend, please visit or contact Barrett Kincheloe at


*Special thanks to Barrett Kincheloe and The Cigar Legend.

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