The Liga Privada Único Serie UF-13 Dark – Cigar Review

The UF-13 Dark from the Drew Estate Liga Privada Unico Serie is a nonpareil cigar in many ways. The UF-13 was originally blended using the same Stalk Cut Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper as the Liga Privada T52 blend before making its pre-release debut back in June of 2012.

It all started with trying to find the perfect blend for the Liga Privada T52. There were the T52-4 and the T52-3 blends that were battling head to head with one another for the final T52 blend. Although it was thought that both of the blends were just as good as the other, it was finally determined that the T52-4 may have been overpowering the nuances in the liga and that it was sacrificing flavors for strength. Therefore, it was decided that the T52-3 would be the victor and become the ultimate Liga Privada T52 cigar.

Drew Estate Chairman Jonathan Drew (JD) enjoyed the T52-4 so much that he continued to have them made. The name on the band was changed to JD-4 to not cause confusion in the factory. It was changed again after JD decided he didn’t want his name on the bands. This time it was changed to MF-4. I don’t have to tell you what the “MF” stands for – just use your imagination. So, in the search for the “perfect” MF-4 and after going through many changes/concoctions of tobaccos and vitolas, the MF-13 was found.

One day JD was smoking on a My Father cigar and happened to notice that there were the letters MF on Pepin’s rings on the cigar. Out of respect, JD had the MF-13 changed to UF-13, which was introduced as the pre-release blend in 2012.

The production released cigar includes an interesting looking pigtail cap and is slightly longer than the pre-release cigars. Also, the production released cigars utilized the Connecticut Broadleaf Dark Medium wrapper causing the cigar to be of a slightly darker color and making it known as the UF-13 Dark. The binder consists of Plantation-Grown Brazilian Mata Fina. Also, the long fillers are of Select Honduran and Nicaraguan Cuban Seed.

Each of the Liga Privada Unico Serie cigar blends come in their own unique vitolas. The UF-13 Dark size is a 5 1/2 X 52 Robusto.

These can be purchased as a single or as a box purchase. They are sold in boxes of 12. The average price for a single-stick is $14.00 and the average box price is $168.00.

The Review

The UF-13 Dark has a very veiny wrapper. Dark brown in color and oily with great flawless construction. I can almost feel the oils coming out of the wrapper. The feel of it is stiff, but not rock hard. I can squeeze it and feel the wrapper being ever so slightly smushed. The smells I’m getting from the wrapper are leather, nuts, and chocolate. The pre-light draw is fantastic with strong notes of rich tobacco and leather. After the first few puffs, I taste slight spices and a creamy vanilla flavor. I’d say it’s a solid medium body so far.

Going into the second third, the spices have picked up slightly. The vanilla has subsided a bit to allow a nutty flavor to replace it with hints of chocolate. It still feels like a medium body. I’m also getting slight spices on the lips as well.

The final third has left little to no spice flavor and no spices on the lips. The chocolate flavor is really coming out while still tasting a nutty flavor. The creamy vanilla flavor is still lingering in the background. By now it has moved from a medium to a medium-full cigar.

I’ve smoked this vitola down to a little more than an inch from the head of the cigar. Without doing anything special to try to keep the strong white ash from falling, it held its grip with the cigar to just before the halfway mark.

Overall, this stick was fantastic. Very enjoyable. The draw was nice and easy, and it is not tight at all. I would highly recommend the UF-13 Dark box purchase to anyone who enjoys high quality cigars. Until next time, my friends.


Mike Green | Associate Editor

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