The Perfect Line-up for Super Bowl Sunday


You are throwing the football party of the year. You have your favorite jersey and you have enough good food to feed a small army. Now, all that is missing is the perfect cigars to pair with the big game. You want your Super Bowl party to be envious. With that said, we have come up with our Super Bowl cigar line up to help ease any game-day tension.



Padron 1964 Aniversario Exclusivo Maduro – Robusto
Get the day started with one of the best. It is a highly rated cigar, made from some of the best tobacco, and it is a great smoke whether your an aficionado or a novice. Fire up the grill, turn up the television, and get your day started with this awesome smoke.


First Half

Ditka Gametime by Camacho
When it comes to the Super Bowl, you might as well go bold. Camacho makes some great cigars, but this one comes with the charm of a three time Super Bowl champion: Mike Ditka. Have a little fun, and try this football themed smoke. It will be a great conversation cigar, and it will not leave you disappointed.



Davidoff Escurio – Petit Robusto
The Davidoff Escurio is a great smoke. This is a cigar you can share with your friends, and you can have confidence they will enjoy it. Once you pull this one out of the humidor, the party will just be getting started. The Petit Robusto size makes the Escurio the perfect-sized smoke to get you through halftime. The Escurio is well balance, provides a great flavor profile, and it will be the star of any party.



Drew Estate Undercrown Shade – Robusto
The start of a second-half deserves another great cigar. That is why we are going with the Undercrown Shade. This smoke is packed with a great flavor profile, but it is far from overpowering. The Shade is the perfect cigar that will kickstart the second-half.



Southern Draw Kudzu – Robusto
The Kudzu has an amazing flavor profile, and it pairs well with most craft beers and spirits. So, grab a celebratory drink or drink away your losses. Either way, the SD Kudzu will pair nicely. Let’s recap the game and end the party with an amazing cigar.


When the stands clear, and the channel on the TV is changed, everyone will have the memories of your Super Bowl party. The party will be remembered; Family, friends, great food, and a fine selection of cigars.

What will you be smoking on Super Bowl Sunday?


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