Thick Ash’s Summer Drink Series – Cuba Libre


Summer is officially in full swing and we hope everyone is enjoying everything it has to offer. It’s time to invite some friends over, fire up the grill, and have some fun outdoors.  Meanwhile, we have chosen another ‘Drink of the Week’ for you to enjoy during the midst of all your Summer activities.

Drink of the Week



The Cuba Libre is a perfect companion for cigars and a popular mixed drink from Cuba. It is extremely refreshing, satisfying to the palate, and pairs well with a great smoke. The Cuba Libre may only be considered to many as simply a Rum & Coke, but we found it fitting to make it our ‘Drink of the Week’.

Cuba Libre


White Rum (2 oz)

Cola (5 oz)

Garnish :

Mint Leaf

Lime Segment


Collins Glass

Making a Cuba Libre:

Squeeze a lime into a Collins glass and add 2 – 4 ice cubes.

Pour in the rum.

Pour in the soda and stir briefly.

Garnish your drink with a fresh cut lime segment and mint leaves. Enjoy!

Recommended Cigar Pairing:


Sobremesa by Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust

The Sobremesa is made by Steve Saka, former president and CEO of Drew Estate. The blend begins with a dark Ecuadorian Rosado wrapper atop a Mexican binder, and it presents with a long-filler blend of Nicaragua tobaccos and Pennsylvania Broadleaf ligero. The Sobremesa features a unique flavor profile; earthy tones, sweetness, spice, cedar, and dark coffee. This profile pairs very well with a Cuba Libre and enhances the rum on the palate.

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