Thick Ash’s Summer Drink Series – Long Island Iced Tea


It is HOT and there is not doubting that. What better way to cool down than to enjoy a cigar and a cocktail?  We have chosen another ‘Drink of the Week’ to help keep you refreshed.

Drink of the Week


Long Island Iced Tea


 Vodka (1 oz)

Tequila (1 oz)

White Rum (1 oz)

Gin (1 oz)

Triple Sec (1 oz)

Sweet & Sour Mix (1.5 oz)

Splash of Cola

Garnish :

Lemon Wedge


Highball or Hurricane Glass

Making a Long Island Iced Tea:

Mix all ingredients (except for the cola) together over ice in the glass.

Pour in to a shaker and give one good shake

Pour back in to the glass

Add a splash of cola and garnish with the lemon wedge. Enjoy!


Recommended Cigar Pairing:


Yamasa by Davidoff

The Davidoff Yamasa was created by Master Blender Henke Kelner and features tobacco from the Yamasa region of the Dominican Republic.  This cigar is crafted with aged Nicaraguan long filler leaves and is combined with Dominican Piloto and Mejorado tobaccos. These ingredients come together to create a masterful cigar. The Yamasa is Medium to full bodied, and it contains flavored notes of spice, black coffee, almond, peppercorn, and cedar. The flavors of this cigar caress the palate and pair very well with the Long Island Iced Tea.

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