Thick Ash’s Top 5 Cigars for Labor Day


It is Labor Day, and it is time to enjoy the day away from the office. This is the perfect day to wind down, light-up your favorite cigar, and relax. Upon thinking about our holiday plans, we contemplated which smokes would best pair with the last big day of the Summer, and we ended up compiling our top 5 Labor Day cigars.


The Oscar by Oscar Valladares Tobacco


Oscar Valladares creates some awesome cigars, and this one is one of his best. The Oscar is highlighted by a candela sleeve covering the cigar. This smoke will definitely be a conversation starter, and it pleases the palate with an exceptional flavor profile.

Yamasa by Davidoff


These cigars were just released this year, but it quickly became one of my favorite cigars by Davidoff. The Yamasa is rich, complex, aromatic, and perfectly balanced. This gem is guaranteed to make any occasion a bit more enjoyable.

Mi Querida by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust


The Mi Querida was created by Steve Saka, and I think this is one of his best cigars yet. This cigar contains a hint of  sweetness that is perfectly balanced with earthy tones, coffee, wood, and pepper. The Mi Querida is truly an amazing experience, and it is pleasing from start to finish.

Syncro Fogata by AVO


AVO introduced the Fogata to their Syncro line of cigars this year. They continue to impress cigar aficionados with this release, and they keep us wanting more. The Fogata is packed with an abundance of flavor, a smooth draw, and a refreshing finish. This is one of our favorites on the list and should be savored.

Schrader MMXIII Limited Edition by Nat Sherman


The Limited Edition Schrader MMXIII is a collaboration between Nat Sherman Cigars and Schrader Cellars. This cigar was aged 26 months before being released, and it is limited to only 2,500 boxes. This collaboration smoke is one of our favorites, and it is on our must try list if you are lucky enough to get your hands on one.



What are you smoking this Labor Day? Let us know by commenting below.





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