Thick Ash’s Top 5 Winter Beers

Winter is in full-swing, and you have taken your last sip of pumpkin beer for the season.  Now is the time to bust out the cold and refreshing winter beers.  After some long hard nights of drinking a ton of beer, we have come up with, what we think, are some of the best winter beers of the year.

Coming up with this list was not easy.  The best part, of course, was getting to drink it.  We compiled a list of several different breweries, brews, and styles in which should be available around the U.S.  So, we tried to compile a list of beer that was both awesome and available in most areas. So sit back, warm up, and try some of our favorite winter beers.


Hopworks Urban Brewery “Abominable Winter Ale” (American Strong Ale, Portland, Oregon, 7.3%)


Hopsworks Urban Brewery Abominable Winter Ale has a complex spicy, floral, and citrus hoppiness with a good touch of sweetness.  At first sip, it reminds you of a Summer IPA, but leaves you knowing it’s a Winter Ale.

Crooked Letter Brewing Co. “Mystery Romp” (American Porter, Ocean Springs, MS, 6.5% ABV)


This American Porter is perfectly balanced and really leans on big chocolate aromas with a hint of coffee.  Wow, is about the only word I can use to describe this.  Definitely one of my favorites, rather it be winter or every day of the year.

Samuel Adams – Boston Beer Co. “Old Fezziwig Ale” (Winter Lager, Boston, MA, 5.9%ABV)


This bold festive ale includes classic holiday spices of cinnamon, ginger, and orange peel.  It drinks surprisingly light and also provides notes of sweet toffee and chocolate.  Everything about this ale fits perfectly in the Holiday Season.

New Belgium Brewing “Accumulation” (Belgian IPA, Fort Collins, Colorado, 6.2% ABV)


New Belgium Accumulation is a Belgian-inspired White IPA.  Accumulation has a strong spice-filled hop aroma with a slightly sweet and bitter flavor.  Providing flavors of citrus, tropical fruits, and dry hops.  This balanced, but complex brew is a perfect alternative to the traditional darker winter beers.

Widmer Brothers Brewing Company “Brrr” (Winter Warmer, Portland, Oregon, 7.2% ABV)



This seasonal ale by Widmer Brothers Brewing is perfectly balanced with just the right amount of caramel and chocolate malts and produces an amazing aroma of citrus and pine.  If this doesn’t say winter, I am not sure what does.



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