Top 10 Non-Alcoholic Drinks to Pair with Cigars

Cigars are often paired with drinks, and the correct pairing can complement each other very well.  Most suggested pairings involve alcoholic beverages, but what about those of us who aren’t quite feeling the urge for booze?  Well, after searching around and doing some product testing of our own we have compiled the top non-alcoholic drinks to pair with your cigars.  Here are ‘Thick Ash’s Top 10 Non-Alcoholic Drinks to Pair with Cigars.’


#10 – Non-Alcoholic Beer

Let me be honest, I never understood those words.  Maybe you have to go to work in a few hours, or maybe you simply just don’t or can’t drink alcohol.  Nonetheless, cigars and beer have always gone hand-in-hand, no matter the alcohol (or non-alcohol) content.  So, grab a Buckler or an O’Doul’s and hold on to your seat.

#9 – Hot Chocolate

You’re outside in the freezing cold or bundled up in your favorite recliner, a nice hot cup of chocolate brings you to your happy place.  Many cigars pair extremely well with chocolate.  Like coffee, hot chocolate pairs well with just about anything.  It is highly recommended for a slightly less sweet and dark chocolate version, as certain variants may be a tad bit too sweet.  Chocolate and tobacco, enough said.

#8 – Mountain Dew / Diet Mountain Dew

We have a friend who swears by this.  This would be his number 1 through 10; however, this is not his pairing.  Mountain Dew brings an extra punch of sweetness and back throat tingle to the game.  The unique flavor will definitely enhance any mild to medium cigar.  So we say, DO THE DEW!

#7 – Ginger Ale

Whether it’s golden or dry, this ale has the power to greatly enhance your palate with just about any cigar.  The ginger taste and light carbonation serenades the taste buds.  Since we mentioned this is a non-alcoholic article, put that bottle of whiskey back in the cabinet.

#6 – Coca-Cola / Coca-Cola Zero

Everyone enjoys a nice cold and refreshing Coke (or Coca-Cola Zero).  We omitted Diet Coke, simply because the after-taste is too much that even the best of Maduros can’t rid.  Whether it’s a cigar or a steak dinner, a Coke just about pairs with anything.  So “Share a Coke with Cigars”.

#5 – Tea

There are many choices here.  You have sweet, unsweetened, Green, Chai, and if your cigar isn’t relaxing enough, Chamomile.  WARNING: If you drink Chamomile, it is highly suggested that you wear non-flammable clothing.

#4 – Root Beer

One of my personal favorites.  Not much is better than finding a Barq’s Famous Old Tyme Root Beer in a glass bottle.  The rich and unique flavors that provide that pit bull bite.  With hints of vanilla, the taste is sure to enhance the flavor of your cigar and provide that perfect pairing.

#3 – Dr. Pepper

Many people will argue this should be number one.  This has been a go-to choice for several cigar smokers.  There’s just something about the complex and sweet flavors of Dr. Pepper that tends to put your palate in a carnival paradise.

#2 – Water

It’s plain and simple!  Water keeps the palate clean and refreshed, and it allows you to enjoy all of the flavors the cigar manufacturers worked hard for you to experience. Nourish that body while nourishing your soul.

#1 – Coffee

Coffee by far is our favorite. Who doesn’t like a nice cup of Joe?  Coffee is known to enhance any cigar, and pairs well with pretty much everything.  Nicotine and caffeine are like thunder and lightning (with about the same affect).


What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink and cigar pairing? Let us know!

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  1. club soda

  2. Seems like overkill as you could of grouped many of these under soda.

    • Thank you for your feedback, Barry. We understand what you are saying; however, soda is too broad of a topic. There are literally hundreds of different flavored sodas. Our readers requested the top individual non-alcoholic drinks to pair with cigars. Thank you again for your feedback.

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