Top 5 Apps for Cigar Smokers


The app stores are full of cigar apps, and new ones are being added daily. There are apps for just about anything relating to cigars; virtual humidors, news, how to apps, social media, and countless others. So, what are the best apps a cigar smoker should download? Well, we have tested numerous apps, and we have come up with what we are calling our ‘Top 5’.


#5 – CRA- Cigar Rights of America


All cigar smokers have one thing in common: We love cigars. CRA helps fight for what we love. CRA works at the local, state, and federal level of government to protect the freedoms of cigar enthusiasts. They oppose restrictive smoking bans, oppose harsh taxes on cigars, government regulations on cigars, and they fight to keep the rights of cigar smokers safe. This app provides the latest CRA news, updates, and more!


#4 – Cigar Boss


The Cigar Boss app has plenty of useful features to enhance the cigar smoker experience. It allows you to look up detailed information on over 7,000+ of cigars, rate cigars you have smoked, read professional reviews, keep track of your cigars with a virtual humidor, and locate cigar shops near you. You will not need another app once you download Cigar Boss.


#3 – Cigar Scanner


Cigar Scanner makes it easy. Just take a picture of your cigar with your device and Cigar Scanner tells you all. It provides the name of the cigar, manufacturer, origin, strength, wrapper color, blend, pricing, ratings, and it saves all of your scanned cigars in the history. This is one of our favorites, and it proves to be a great app for every cigar smoker.


#2 – Where To Smoke

Have you ever wondered where the cigar smoking safe havens are? Well, wonder no more. The Where To Smoke app by Cigar Aficionado makes locating cigar-friendly locations easy. Find over 1,500 locations anywhere in the U.S. Now, finding a lounge or a new smoking spot is easier than ever.


#1 – Cigar Dojo

This might be one of the most addicting cigar apps on the market. With the Cigar Dojo app, you have instant smoking buddies in the palm of your hand. The Dojo allows you to post pictures, status updates, talk to other smokers, and they even have contests. Social media has met cigars, and they have had one hell of a baby!


What are your favorites? Let us know your go-to apps and thoughts.



2 Comments on "Top 5 Apps for Cigar Smokers"

  1. I really enjoy cigar dojo and where to smoke. Those are my current go to cigar apps. I have heard some good things from my friend who is in the beta for the Cigarro app. From what he says it’s going to be the best cigar app available. I’m waiting to get into the beta I thought maybe others might want to check it out as well

    Thanks for the list.

  2. I love the “Where To Smoke” app. I use this every where I go. The CRA app and the Cigar Dojo app were okay. The Cigar Scanner did not work for me and the I never used the Cigar Boss.

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