Top Five Cigars To Have During a Zombie Apocalypse

It is here! Society is breaking down, infection is spreading, and zombies are turning your friends into lunch meat. Amidst all of the chaos, you look around and ask yourself the most important question, “if I could only have 5 cigars during the Zombie Apocalypse what would they be?”


After some serious thoughts, I have compiled an apocalypse cigar survival pack of what I would like to have amidst the end of humanity.



5. Viaje Zombie Antidote


At the start of the Apocalypse, I would like to start out with a cigar with a good flavor profile, a cigar that gets me pumped for action, and a cigar that sets the mood to kill some flesh-eating zombies.  This medium strength, medium bodied smoke satisfies everything I look for in a cigar and will definitely do the trick. After a day filled with killing walkers and trying to survive, I’m going to light this gem up and enjoy another day alive.


4. Monticristo # 2 (Cuban)


At this point, I am zombied-out! I don’t want to see, hear, or even think about another zombie. I want a cigar that helps me think about a vacation. The Monticristo # 2 (Cuban) does just the trick.  This classic cigar has remained consistent since it was conceived in 1935, and I know that I am going to be cutting into a quality smoke. The classic flavor profile will allow me to close my eyes, escape to a Caribbean island, and forget about those pesky flesh-eaters outside my door.


3. Illusione CG4 White Horse


It has been a little while, and I am starting to miss how everything used to be. The Illusione CG4 takes me back to the thought of lighting up in a cigar lounge surrounded by friends, plush couches, and big screen TV’s. The flavor profile changes for the better as the cigar burns, it presents with a very consistent burn, and it is very enjoyable with a glass of my favorite bourbon. The CG4 will allow me to escape the hell that is now reality, and allow me to drift off into thoughts of a better time.



2. Liga Privada # 9


Liga Privada # 9 has always been a cigar I have saved for a somewhat special occasion. Sometimes, you just have to say “Fuck It!”. During the zombie apocalypse, you learn to enjoy the finer things in life whenever it’s possible.


1. Gurkha His Majesty’s Reserve


For my last cigar, I have chose Gurkha His Majesty’s Reserve. It is the world’s most expensive cigar (at the time this article was written) at over $1000 per smoke, and it is made with the world’s most expensive cognac (Louis XIII). Personally, I have not had the pleasure to smoke one of these yet. According to cigar critics, this is the “Rolls Royce” of cigars. I couldn’t think of a more fitting scenario to smoke the cigar branded “the most expensive cigar in the world.” Whether I find salvation in a government compound, or I succumb to my injuries sustained from a bite, I will save the best smoke for last.

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