Top Summer Beers of 2015

There is something great about popping the top off of a cold beer during a long hot Summer day. Summer is in full swing, the beaches are swarming with people, the sun is beating down, and the ice-cold beer is flowing from the taps.  After some long hard nights of drinking a ton of beer, we have come up with, what we think, are some of the best Summer beers of the year.

Coming up with this list was not easy. The best part, of course, was getting to drink it. We compiled a list of several different breweries, brews, and styles in which should be available around the U.S. So, we tried to compile a list of beer that was both awesome and available in most areas. In addition to the beer, we also added our favorite food and favorite cigar pairings to go along with it. Enjoy your Summer with one of these brews, and remember to drink responsibly.


Dogfish Head Brewing Co. “75 Minute IPA” (IPA, Milton, DE, 7.5% ABV)


If you are looking for a refreshing and satisfying beer to sit down and relax with, then pick up ’75 Minute IPA’ from Dogfish Head Brewing Co. This beer is as smooth as velvet, perfectly carbonated, and has the perfect balance of hops. The IPA has a small hint of citrus and maple, and it provides the perfect taste profile on a Summer day.

Food Pairing Recommendations: Burgers, Grilled Meats, Avocado
Cigar Pairing Recommendation:  Southern Draw Kudzu – Oscuro


Small Town Brewery “Not Your Father’s Root Beer” (Spiced Amber Ale, Wauconda, IL, 5.9% ABV) 


This root beer is one of our Summer favorites. It is smooth, well carbonated, and it taste like root beer. We would recommend ‘Not Your Father’s Root Beer’ for evening cookouts, summer family gatherings, and anything where you would drink a Barq’s. Pour it over your favorite ice-cream to really cool down on a hot day.

Food Pairing Recommendations: Barbeque, Hamburgers, Hot-dogs, Ice-cream
Cigar Pairing Recommendation:  Drew Estate Liga Privada Único Serie Dirty Rat


Abita Brewing Co. “Seersucker” (Summer Pilsner, Abita, LA, 4.8% ABV)


Abita’s Seersucker is the epitome of Summer. The flavor profile is phenomenal, it is light, refreshing, and has a hint of citrus that is pleasing to the palate on a scorching hot day. Fill a large cooler full of Abita, drag it to the beach, start the party, and you are sure to have a refreshing time.

Food Pairing Recommendations: Grilled chicken, Salmon, Garden Salads, Spicy Foods
Cigar Pairing Recommendation:  The Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente Natural


Crooked Letter Brewing Co. “Mariposa” (Pale Ale, Ocean Springs, MS, 4.6% ABV)


A refreshing pale ale with a twist. Crooked Letter Brewing Co. created a masterpiece when they combined fresh mango, cilantro, and jalapeño to conceive Mariposa. This unique beer teases your palate with jalapeno, without the heat, and balances it out with subtle hints of mango and cilantro. Mariposa is definitely one of our Summer favorites, and it will ensure a refreshing finish.

Food Pairing Recommendations: Grilled Meats, Shrimp, Crawfish, Mexican Cuisine, Pizza, Spicy Foods
Cigar Pairing Recommendation:  Viaje Jalapeño


Traveler Brewing Co. “Illusive Grapefruit Shandy” (Shandy/Fruit Beer, Burlington, VT, 4.4% ABV)


The Illusive Traveler Grapefruit Ale is a smooth beer that screams Summer. The Illusive Traveler offers a unique taste of real grapefruit (it is brewed with real grapefruit), while it delivers a satisfying citrus aroma and flavor. Enjoy that backyard get-together with a cooler full of The Illusive Traveler Grapefruit Ale.

Food Pairing Recommendations: Grilled Chicken, Seafood, Garden Salad, Cheese
Cigar Pairing Recommendation:  San Cristobal Seleccion Del Sol





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