Winter Weather Cigar Smoking

Winter is here. It is cold outside, and in some places it is almost unbearable to enjoy anything outdoors. You’ve been trapped inside, and your cabin-fever is kicking in. Snow is on the ground, and your lawn mower is in your shed gathering dust.

Some have the luxury of a smoke friendly man-cave, and some of us have a toasty cigar lounge that is right around the corner. But, if you do not have those luxuries you might be deprived of  some serious smoke-time.

It is almost December, and the warmer weather is a while away. In the meantime, here are some tips to help you enjoy your smokes a little easier in Winter weather.

Go local. Use brick and mortar.

Check around for a local brick and mortar cigar shop. Some shops have a lounge area where patrons can enjoy a smoke.

You can support your local shops, meet new friends,  and you can take advantage of the warmth they offer while you enjoy your favorite smoke.

Keep it short and sweet.

Choose a short smoke.

If you are going to bundle-up and try to enjoy a cigar in the cold weather, try choosing a smaller smoke. You will be able to enjoy it, and you won’t develop frostbite trying to smoke your favorite stogie.

If you have a garage, use it!

Make your own man-cave.

Move that car outside, set-up a few chairs, and plug in a space heater. You have just created the best cigar habitat in your own house; a man-cave!

Keep an eye on your humidor.

As the temperature fluctuates, your cigars may lose moisture.

Keep your cigars away from the windows and heat vents, and make sure you monitor your humidor regularly. This will make sure your smokes will be ready when it is time to light them up.

Warm up with friends and family.

Winter is the perfect time for a bon-fire.

Gather your friends and family for a nice warm bon-fire, or light a fire and enjoy some relaxing quite time. Either way, sitting around a fire is a great way to stay warm while you enjoy your cigars.

So, share with us how you balance the cold weather and your cigar lifestyle. Do you smoke outdoors during Winter?

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